Swift Innovators Summit 2019

The Swift Innovators’ Summit 2019 celebrates eight months of learning with a showcase of student-created iOS apps. Inspirational guest speakers were invited and hands-on coding clinics were planned for visitors to participate in.


The Summit took place on 11 November 2019 at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Students presented and pitched their self-made apps to the public, and guest speakers, Daniel Budd and Dalton Ng were cordially invited to share their journey of coding to visitors.

Visitors also took the opportunity to attend clinic sessions that we set up and hosted during the Summit—these classes range from learning the basics of Swift to understanding how Machine Learning can be implemented to predict the age of a person.


Daniel Budd

Daniel is an Apple Distinguished Educator from Perth, Western Australia and is currently working as a Computer Science and Robotics Specialist at Hong Kong International School. He successfully led technology integration, STEM and big data initiatives as the Director of Learning Technologies at Corpus Christi College and raises awareness of effective K-to-12 pedagogical integration of technology as a Speaker, Author and International Educator.

Robotics and Computer Science Specialist

Dalton Ng

iOS App Developer

Entrepreneur at heart, with a natural love for code and design.

He's the founder of Master, an edutech startup developing some really cool technology and is currently a student at Singapore Poly, studying Cybersecurity.


He is also a 2 times WWDC Scholarship 2018 and 2019 recipient.