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- Your Collaborative Reader  -

Are you tired with compositions written in school? Do you want to create unique books with your own ideas? Use ReadingPal to embark on your story-creating journey!

You can narrate your stories to ReadingPal using the speech-to-text function and you will never have to type again!

Retrieve saved stories and edit them or let ReadingPal narrate them to you anytime, anywhere. Earn badges as you advance on your writing journey and you will never get tired of writing stories again!

Developers: Tse Min Jia, Lai Qian Huay, Stephanie Ann Koh

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chARacters - An AR Photo App

- Experience Reality in a Different Way  -

People are unable to take pictures with their favourite characters due to reasons such as the lack of time or unavailability of characters. 

If you’re facing the same problem, chARacters is just the thing for you! It is an augmented reality app which renders 3D models into the real world to be captured into photos, anytime and anywhere. 

The simple user interface makes chARacters suitable for all age groups! EVERYONE and ANYONE can have fun using chARacters, taking a picture with their favourite characters.

Our app has a plethora of characters to choose from, including a Koala, Forest Troll, Zombie, and T-rex! 

Developers: Glenda Tan, Naisha Tanwani, Claire Phay, Caedy Lee

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- We Save Your Cents -

Do you find yourself with no savings at the end of every month? Do you find yourself waiting for the pay check that never seems to come?

In today’s busy and fast-paced society, many people do not have the luxury of time to keep track of their expenses. Therefore, they might not be able to save up for emergency use, etc.

Dollar helps you track your expenses, set goals for savings and achieve them via constant tips and reminders in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

Developers: Corliss Ong, Adeena Ansari, Mirudhula Gnanavelou, Celeste Tan



- Productivity Made Easy -

Liste is a collaborative app which helps you to focus on your work and keep all your work organised. 

Liste is the best place to note down your work or assignments that are due this week, or maybe a bucket list that you want to fulfil by the end of this year. Liste helps you to note down everything you need, so you never need to worry about forgetting them. Liste organises your completed and pending work for you. 

Notes are also stored in the cloud, so you can retrieve them from any device, with the sign-in function. The collaborative function allows you to organise your notes with others, so you can never miss out on anything important. 

Developers: Shayden Wong, Kesler Kok, Arash Nur Iman


Doit - Do it

- Doit. Nothing Else Will Do -

So many things to do yet so little time? Not sure how to prioritise your tasks? With its unique prioritisation algorithm and time-tracking capabilities, Doit enables you to counter such productivity problems.


Doit’s prioritisation algorithm ensures that you always stay on top of your tasks. 

Your to-do list will be automatically sorted such that more important tasks will be at the top of the list. Not knowing where to start will no longer be a problem. 


Furthermore, users can manage the time that they spend on their tasks through Doit’s time-tracking function. With three time-keeping options, users can choose the timer most suitable for the task. Complete with pinning and search functionalities, and a clean user interface, Doit will help you do it.

Developers: Cheryl Lau Huay Ee, Edna Tay Ern-Ning


Eureka - Study App

- Eureka! -

Having trouble with your studies? Well we have a solution for you! This app will help get your grades up until even you would shout EUREKA!

This app uses a grade based manager for your subjects to optimise your time in studying. It automatically sorts the subjects by your marks, prioritising the subjects you scored worst at. A timer and alarm will keep you on track when you are studying the subjects planned in the timetable.

Developers: Lai Kaile, Keith Sebastian, Quah Howie, Issac Lip

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- Organise Your Life the Easy Way -

Worried about having to juggle many things at the same time? Is your life a mess? 

Not to worry! Tasko is here to help you to organise your life! Tapping on the Eisenhower Matrix, Tasko gives users the ability to manage and organise life's demands efficiently. With the Eisenhower Matrix, you can now sort your daily tasks relative to their importance and urgency!

With Tasko, you will now be back in the driver's seat and have everything in your life will be under control. So, what are you waiting for? Download Tasko and turn your life around! All the best!

Developers: Darren Ng, Shashank Durgad, Poon Chen Jun



- Train your brain and body at the same time -

Are you forced to choose between your health and intelligence because of limited time? Do you wish to train your brain and body at the same time?

Your problems are solved! Quizercise lets you learn while working out. With Quizercise, both your fitness and brainpower can be improved!

Quizercise has a variety of questions that help train your thinking skills. To ensure that you perform your workout correctly and effectively, detailed exercise videos and instructions are provided. With workouts of different intensities, Quizercise can be used by everyone, regardless of experience or age.

Developers: Faith Lim, Kim Hyeong Hu


Scheduler Pro

- Save Your Productivity -

Do you have trouble finishing working? Do you keep relegating homework to tomorrow, the mystical land where everything “will be” done?


Fret not because Scheduler Pro will save your productivity (and grades)! 


Simply add tasks to your schedule or to-do list and Scheduler Pro reminds you to complete them before the deadline. An incredible points system will revolutionise the way you maintain productivity by gamifying your daily life by providing motivation to complete your work! 

Developers: Karandeep Singh, Chrio Phee, Koo Wen Qi


Work It Out

- Fitness Made Easy -

Want to start exercising but don’t know how to? Want to tone your muscles, lose weight or simply stay fit? Then simply use this app and Work It Out.

With this simple and easy-to-use workout app, Work It Out would give you an incredible and enjoyable experience while working out.

We have many spectacular features such as the level feature, which gives the user experience points for each specific workout. When the user gains a specific amount of points, he increases his level, which would be useful for an update that is coming soon! This gamification feature motivates players to exercise and unlock more levels.

Developers: Prakhar Nilesh Trivedi, Branson Tan, Tang Kai Jie


Tyred - Easy Photos Todos

- The easy photo Todos app -

Is your life in a mess? Are you always forgetting things? Then did you try "To-Do" apps only to realise it took eons to write a simple reminder?

Well we have too and we’re tired of it. Tyred offers a simple and elegant solution to allow you to organise yourself with ease.

Only 3 taps needed to set a reminder, convenient editing of to-dos, photo reminders and an elegant UI that is easy on the eyes: Tyred will take away the tiredness of keeping to schedule and help revolutionise your life.

Developers: Kieran Ng, Shrimay Bikash, You Xinyu Tom



- For the Creative You-

Idea Generator is an app that helps you think of ideas for a storyline by generating phrases. These phrases are created from the genre and combination that you so choose.

Whether you’re a student who needs help with writing a composition or an aspiring writer running out of ideas, this app can help with you write stories of multiple genres. 

Coming up with ideas have never been easier with multiple genres and combination of words.

Developers: Chen Siyu, Ker Qian Ning, Charis Chua, Nurul Aida


- Easy, Easier MathGo -

Are you constantly worrying about preparing for your upcoming Math test? Do you find practice papers too time-consuming and unreliable?

Don’t worry! MathGo is here to help you have a fun and interesting Math revision.

Simply pick from our wide variety of topics and you will be posed with a series of 5 questions of varying difficulty that comes with a set timer according to its difficulty, and in the process also earn valuable StarPoints! By making learning more interactive and challenging, MathGo creates an engaging and new way to learn Math, introducing the wonders of Mathematics for the individual.

Developers: Maxmillan Ang, Lim Zheng Yi, William Liao Shikai

Cricket Scorer

- Improve Your Cricket Experience -

Are you constantly forgetting the scores of your recent cricket match? Do you find writing the scores on a piece of paper old-fashion or risky of losing it?

Not to worry! Cricket Scorer is here to help you remember your scores for all your cricket matches and improve overall cricket experience.

Match history, list of your players, simple user interface and the ability to start and resume a match after a good break will make your cricket experience easier and better than ever before!

Developers: Timothy, Kannan Priyadharshan, Nathanael Yip


- Studying Made Easier-

Do you feel like your curriculum is too hard to wrap your head around? Well, then this app is specifically designed for you! STUDI is an app for secondary school students to use. Students can ask a question, and come back later for an answer. 

The app is also designed to save your precious time.

You can always do better in your work. Use STUDI to boost your studies
It is certain that the app in the app store looks way better than this.

Developers: Amos Goh En Jie, Chaw Liang, Nicholas Quek, Mohamed Shahul Hameed Niyaz