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Applications for the Class of 2021 are closed.

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With the ongoing virus situation, lessons for 2021 will be conducted online. We hope to bring together the Class of 2021 for in-person project work towards the second half of the year, but we will stand advised by prevailing safe distancing measures. 

Application Details

To apply for the Swift Accelerator Programme, applicants must demonstrate strong aptitude and interest in programming and app design. The application process is as follows:  


  1. Take note of the important dates below for deadlines and briefings. 

  2. Confirm that you can attend the vast majority of the scheduled sessions. See the schedule below.

  3. Try Swift Playgrounds app for Mac or iPad, and complete the "Hello Byte"challenge, or "Learn To Code" 1 or 2. "Hello Byte" should take about an hour; the latter might take longer, but may be helpful in building knowledge for the test.

  4. Take a screenshot of an app you would like to talk about. Have this screenshot ready for the application form.

  5. Prepare a 30- to 45-second video introducing yourself and why you want to join the Swift Accelerator Programme 2021. If possible, you can mention any prior programming experiences or any relevant experiences. Feel free to get creative and edit the video.

  6. Complete an individual entrance test and survey. The test includes coding, design, essay questions (involving the screenshot and aforementioned video), and should be completed in about an hour. 

Important note: The programme is fully subsidised for successful applicants. Please read through the application form carefully, and ensure, before applying:

  1. You can attend a vast majority of the scheduled sessions. See the schedule below.

  2. You're interested enough in coding, design, and app development to spend a huge chunk of your free time learning and practising — the entire programme lasts 180 hours, and you'll spend more time than that coding on your own.

  3. You're up for a challenge!

We'd really like to ensure that all deserving applicants who can meet the requirements can get a spot in the programme, so if you're uncertain if this programme is something you'll go all the way through, drop us an email — we're happy to tell you more. 

Dates to Note

  • Saturday, 30 January, 10:30am: Applications open. 

  • Saturday, 6 February, 10:30am-11:30am: Online video briefing introducing the programme, with time for questions. 

  • Sunday, 28 February, 11pm: Applications close.

  • By Monday, 8 March, 11pm: Successful applicants will be notified through email. 

  • Saturday, 13 March, 9am: First lesson for the Swift Accelerator Programme 2021, online!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read these before applying! For any other questions, please send an email to us at

When will lessons be held?

This is an intensive course, involving 180 hours of instructional time (and many more hours of independent coding). To accommodate participants from multiple schools, lessons will take place on Saturday mornings during term-time, and during the March, June, September, and November holidays. The programme culminates in a summit in January 2021, where participants showcase their work to students, teachers, and the public. 


Where will lessons and the summit be held?

We plan on holding most lessons online, using Webex Meetings, a business-grade web conferencing solution. In-person lessons, if possible, will be held at Apple at One North, IMDA at Pasir Panjang, or Tinkercademy at Henderson. The summit venue (whether a physical location, or online) will be confirmed later in the year. 

Is there any cost?

Lessons are free for students selected for the programme. As stated above, please read through the application form carefully, and ensure you can attend the vast majority of sessions, before you apply, so that all deserving applicants who can meet the requirements can get a spot in the programme. 

What are the requirements for students? 

Students should:

  • Be in Secondary 1 to 3, in a government, government-aided, autonomous, or independent school in Singapore. (Secondary 4 students, see a question further down.)

  • Have access to a MacBook (your own, or your school's), capable of running the latest version of Xcode
    (downloadable for free from the Mac App Store)

  • Complete and pass an intro coding quiz (in the application form) 

  • Complete Apple's "Hello Byte", or "Learn To Code" 1 or 2 programmes on Swift Playgrounds on Mac or iPad

  • Preferably be a member of their schools' Infocomm/Media Clubs

  • Not required, but strongly recommended: Have scored a B and above in your last Math assessment

  • Be able to meet the vast majority of the time commitment required. See the application form for the schedule. 

Is this a MOE programme?

No. This programme is run by Tinkercademy, an Apple Consultant Network provider, and supported by IMDA and Apple.

Are teachers required to join?

No, but teachers of students selected for the course are free to join us for lessons if you'd like! 

Can Secondary 4 or JC students join the course? 

We've been taking in mostly Sec 1-3 students, and have customised the schedule to best fit this group. We can review other students on a case-by-case basis, but we generally caution students from other levels because of the fairly intensive commitment required, some of which overlaps with major exams at other levels (e.g. O-level students would miss a good number of classes in October, and JC1 students may not be able to attend the September holiday classes due to promos, or some Oct/Nov classes due to PW). 

That said, you can take a look at the schedule on the application page, and decide if you can commit to the required number of sessions before applying. 

What if I cannot complete the task requiring the use of Swift Playgrounds? 

Swift Playgrounds is only available for Mac and iPad. If you can do so, we recommend borrowing one for half a day to complete the required exercise. If you are unable to do so, please send us an email at, and we'll suggest how to proceed. 

Will we be required to meet in-person? 

We are keeping close tabs on the COVID-19 situation, and will always keep the safety and well-being of our students in mind when making plans. If we receive an all-clear to continue with in-person classes at Apple, IMDA, or Tinkercademy, we will aim to do so, in order that students can work together on your projects and apps. The Class of 2020 managed to complete their apps by meeting in small groups, either in person or online, so we're confident the Class of 2021 can do it too. 

Schedule for 2021


Please note, this schedule is very tentative, and based on having most classes conducted online — we will aim to bring together the class for face-to-face lessons at Apple, but only if allowed by prevailing safe distancing measures.

Swift Accelerator 2021 Schedule - v1-scr