Our Journey and What We Have Achieved


The programme

At the beginning of 2018, IMDA and Apple put together the Swift Accelerator program. This initiative was targeted at secondary school students who demonstrated an interest in computational thinking but who could not find the support or guidance they needed at school to take this passion to the next level. The aim was to uncover these gems and give them the space, opportunity and coaching to excel.

In March, IMDA, on behalf of its partners, Tinkercademy and Apple, put out a closed call to 17 secondary schools. These schools were asked to identify and nominate students who were interested and passionate in learning about App Development. Students did not need to have had any background in  coding. The more than 70 students who applied were asked to complete a series of questions on logic and math. Out of all the applications received, 50 students (between the ages of 13 and 16) from 12 schools were selected to be part of the inaugural Swift Accelerator program.

The program kicked off during the March school holidays with introductory sessions by Apple experts as well as local Singaporean App Developers. The Accelerator group also got the chance to speak with other student developers and find out first hand what it was going to take them to develop their own app. The 180 hour program required a huge dose of commitment, Students continued to meet every Saturday morning for 3hours each time during the school term and again for several days in June and during the September break. This intensive programme provided students with insights and skills on commercial iOS app development as well as a framework on how to brainstorm, planning, prototyping and evaluating their final product. Beyond coding, students also spent time honing their skills around story-telling and marketing.

the students

The Accelerator group are an eclectic bunch. They are all deeply opinionated and incredibly passionate about coding to make a difference. Technology is very much a part of their lives. Just like all teenagers, they are learning how to balance schoolwork, friendships and everything else that life throws at them to emerge stronger and more confident. The group has played a huge part in determining the curriculum and focus of the program with their frequent and detailed feedback. They have truly been co-constructors of their own learning sometimes relying only on hot chocolate to fuel their bodies!

the summit

The Swift Innovators’ Summit, is a culmination of 9 months of student effort. The first event of its kind in Singapore, the summit will showcase 15 student created iOS apps. What is unique about this summit is not only the fact that it will showcase iOS apps created by students, many of whom, 9 months ago had never coded in Swift - but - that the Class of 2018 have been intimately involved in the planning and execution of the entire summit. The Swift Innovators’ Summit will be run by students and meant for students. At the summit, there will be 14 clinic sessions (which participants can pick from) meant just for students covering different aspects of coding and App Development. In addition, there will be a lunch-time challenge followed by a closing Keynote that will be delivered by Yuma, an 11 year old Singapore-born iOS App Developer who will share his journey and what he is currently working on. 

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