Several tech-companies and experts will be holding clinics during the summit. Be sure to check them out! Lastly, don’t forget to sign up for these clinics at the registration page as places are on first come, first serve basis.

Beginning Xcode & Swift: Tap to Count

Learn how to create a working, albeit very minimal, iOS app in half an hour! You’ll tap on your screen, and see a number increase, and marvel at what you’ve learned: launching Xcode, creating a Storyboard, connecting Outlets, determining Actions, and learning Swift.



Swift Playgrounds for Micro:bit

The micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer with LEDs, buttons, and a host of sensors. Join this session to see how you can code a micro:bit with Swift Playgrounds on iPad!



Programming a drone using Swift Playgrounds

This workshop aims to expose participants to Swift Playground, a coding app developed by Apple, and using it to program an unmanned aerial vehicle (i.e. drone) that can navigate itself through an obstacle course.



Potato Pirates x Swift: Learn Swift programming in 30 minutes without computers

You play as a Potato Pirate who leads a crew of trusty sea spuds on a mission to save Potato King and destroy any enemies that comes into your way. In this epic carbo-loaded card game, you will learn 10 hours of Swift programming concept in just 30 minutes



Swift Masterclass with Yuma

In this class, I’ll teach the basics of Xcode and Swift by making a simple app for beginners in half an hour. Along the way, I'll teach you the basics of Xcode, variables and functions, and UIKit and Auto Layout!


Yuma Soerianto

ARKit2 Appsy

Find inspiration on how Augmented Reality can bring new levels of immersion to all types of Apps: Business, Personal and games alike. In this session you will get hands on with a selection of ARKit Apps and break down the mechanics of what makes them tick.



How to Get Users & Measure Success for My App

In this session, participants will learn about solving the 'cold-start problem' for an app, which is about acquiring your first few users. We will look at various tactics used for user acquisition, including case studies of some famous tech startups. Participants will also learn about about metrics, and how to grow an app's user base by measuring the right things.



Intermediate Xcode & Swift: Make Things Move

Bring your iOS user interfaces to life with movement and animation! You’ll learn how to make use of UIKit and Swift closures to get started on creating catchy animations in an app. Please note: Participants at this workshop should know how to code in any syntax-based language.


Yin Jie, Soon